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Naira Manager

Managing your business and your account books has been made easy with this easy-to-use tool. Easily setup your business and start tracking your sales daily with your mobile phone.

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Clean Homes

From smart homes to smart cars, the world has been evolving for the good of technology. Now waste management becomes easy and profitable with a smart waste bin.

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Inclusive Homes

Real estate has taken a new form with Inclusive Homes. Find it easy to co-own Real Estate units for rental or buy Real Estate units you can resell for a profit. Also, find Disable-friendly facilities for rental or buying easily.

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Farmers no longer need to worry about their food produce going to waste, as FarmHub is here to connect them to buyers directly. Buyers can pre-order and pay against harvest at a subsidized rate.

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Electricity management and utilization has been a major concern for the large chunk of the Nigerian populace and Africa, and with our solution, a home owner can easily optimize electricity units discharged in their homes and accurately regulate units discharged all in the confines of their mobile devices.

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Empowering Shelves

We believe that every student should be able to learn from high-quality material, regardless of their location, economic status or religion. By donating educational material to primary schools, our goal is to improve the educational landscape around Nigeria and Africa at large.

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